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Students' Testimonials

"Special thanks to Teacher Andy and Teacher Chris for guiding me through this whole accounts journey. They had definitely provided me with the best explanations for accounting and also contributed tons of patience to slowly guide me through IGCSE accounts.!!!" - Zoe Ng

"The notes given were very useful and unique. They really let me have a better grasp and understanding on both accountings and economics" - Ester Chee

"If you're looking for tips and tricks for IGCSE, you're at the right place.These lifesaving tips on how to do your exam paper are the ones that you won't get anywhere else but here. I guarantee that". - Natasha Ng

"Economics was never an appealing subject to me since Year 10. But since joining Tr Andy’s tuition classes in Year 11, the whole learning experience towards this subject becomes enjoyable as I was able to grasp the full understanding and application of this subject. His lessons were truly great as he often relates the subject to the real working world which is really cool and dynamic. I got to understand what is truly happening outside the classroom and how economics is going to aid me in the real working life in the future. Teacher Andy really knows how to provide useful and powerful mind maps which were really helpful in guiding me through my studies and my exams. A big thanks to Tr Andy for helping me to achieve an “A” in my IGCSE economics exam." - Yan Choong

"Teacher Andy was one of my favorite teachers as he is super dedicated to what he does and is extremely helpful towards his students, he has helped me improve in my studies a lot and he's very willing to teach me if I have any questions or if I need an impromptu revision on my studies. Also, he works super hard to make sure his students improve, he gives a great different perspective towards us students in seeing the economy as he teaches both economics and accounting. Teacher Andy has helped me tremendously and I owe a few of my top results towards his teachings. Teacher Andy's teachings and lessons are one of the best you can find around, if it helps, he's also a good friend to have! I'm glad to have him as my teacher and my friend !" - Fiona Keah

"Econs had always been a topic whereby you'll have to fill in your brain with lots and lots of information and over here at twins accounting and Econs tuition I've got to learn it in a much easier way ,instead of throwing a bunch of information into your brain ,you will be provided with a book of mind maps summarized in a form where you can understand much easier!! The price of this tuition is affordable and I promise no regrets coming here !" - Yen Li